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A Guide to Effective Business SMS Promotions

So far, a significant number of small enterprises have not optimally utilized the power of short message service (SMS) in marketing their offerings. But a properly-executed business sms marketing program can produce impressive results with the prospects of a 98% phone sms open rate. The leads-to-sales conversion rate for this form of customer messaging is so good that you certainly want to give it a shot.

Here are tips for making your business texting promotions very effective:

Abide by SMS Promotions Rules

There are regulations against SMS spamming, so avoid it all costs. But there’s a proper way to request potential customers to sign up for such marketing messaging as you engage them online. In one scenario, you may encourage a prospect to sign up for the messaging by personally sending you a phone sms or choosing a checkbox option. You’ll be getting more valuable leads from the subscriptions.

Keep Your Messaging Short

You’re better off limiting your messaging within 160 characters. If one message contains more than 160 characters, a mobile network normally splits it into smaller chunks. The messaging is then re-stitched prior to delivery to the target phone, yet, the process can be erroneous sometimes. There are networks that never split or mend text messaging. Others won’t carry messages exceeding 160 characters in the first place.

There are numerous issues with longer SMSs including the likelihood of the target line not receiving any communication whatsoever, or delivery of poorly organized text chunks. Certainly, your main objective is for your marketing SMSs to find your prospects in a form that retains the clarity of the essence of your communication. Anyway, short text messages are meant to be just that–short. Still, an SMS should not be like a web article, so when it’s long, a recipient may fail to read everything in it.

Perfect Timing

To optimize the benefits of your business sms marketing, you have to select great timing. The need for timing stems from the nature of text messaging, whereby a recipient can choose to open it upon delivery and not wait until lunch-time, weekend, or availability of wifi to do it. You can exploit this attribute of sms marketing to obtain the best possible outcome.

Consider a local pizza joint that sends you an sms announcing incredible discounts just when you’re almost ordering lunch! So, consider when your prospects are most likely to need your product or service and send them promotional sms. That time may be a certain period of the day, a single day of the week, or spell of the year.

Done the right way, business sms marketing can deliver incredible outcomes. Choose the correct timing, direct the messaging to opted-in recipients, and limit sms length within 160 characters.

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