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Various Tasks for Parking Lot Maintenance

In controlling deterioration of facilities parking area as well as protecting the facilities investment is all part of preventative parking lot maintenance. Basically, it is a cost effective solution to maximize the lifespan of the pavement while being able to minimize risks. Keeping up with the parking lot maintenance needs to be done by the time when the pavement shows signs of tear and wear like raveling and crackling or deterioration of pavement surface.

Commercial parking facilities promote positive and professional image of the business and at the same time, improving its curb appeal while protecting your investments. In the next paragraphs, you are going to discover the different kinds of parking area maintenance tasks provided by experts.

Seal coating – this can protect the asphalt from the harmful effects caused by petroleum based products like oil and gasoline and even weather. Commercial grade coal tar emulsion base sealer is used as it meets and exceeds the RP 355e specifications.

Striping – you’ve got to do this on the parking lot if you want to direct traffic safely and at the same time, efficiently. By making use of latex striping paint, it guarantees that there will be professional look to which the sealer doesn’t bleed through.

Asphalt repairs – this is crucial because as time passes by, asphalt surfaces that are newly applied will begin to wear and break down as they are exposed to different elements including chemicals, sunlight and water repeatedly. Liquid asphalt that binds materials together will begin to lose natural resistance to water which makes it possible for such to penetrate the surface.

As soon as this takes place, the pavement can fall prey quickly to different kinds of deterioration which include potholes and cracks. Asphalt pavement repairs as well as prevention increases the lifespan of the asphalt surface, the exact reason why it is important as well.

Asphalt overlay – this is a very popular approach when it comes to pavement preservation due to its ability of providing improved ride quality, reduced noise levels, maintaining surface geometrics, reduce lifecycle cost, reduce pavement distress and provide long lasting service.

Traffic coating – this is done to be able to protect wearing surfaces on plywood or concrete from the abrasion caused by pedestrian and vehicular traffic but for concrete, the protection includes freeze thaw damage and chloride induced corrosion. If for instance that the decks are elevated, the coatings provide great waterproofing for space below.

If for instance that you are running a business and like to maintain a professional image on your clients, then you must not overlook the benefits that you could get from having effective parking lot maintenance.

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