Townhomes for Sale Charlotte NC: A Hot Commodity

In a city like Charlotte, North Carolina, there are many opportunities when purchasing a home. However, one type of home that has grown increasingly popular in a growing city like Charlotte are town homes. While town homes are nothing new, as many people have opted to purchase one in the past, there are a few things to keep in mind when considering townhomes for sale Charlotte NC.

The Best of Both Worlds

A townhouse gives a potential owner the best of both worlds when it comes to home ownership in a more urban setting. Because of the large standard footprint of a detached home and the limited real estate in more urban areas of Charlotte, townhouse construction has become quite popular. Townhouse communities don’t require nearly as much space as the average suburb community, which makes them and condo units ideal for areas where real estate is at a premium.

A Nod to Detached Residences

Town homes offer a bridge, as it were to home ownership, even in more urban locations. Town homes, unlike condos, have separate entrances and offer a multi-story floor plan.

No Landscaping Required

If a person wants to own a home, but they aren’t all that fond of upkeep, like lawn care, town homes are the perfect option. Since town homes may offer small lawns at best, if there is any landscaping to be done, it will typically be arranged by a community association or the HOA most of the time.

A Hot Property

Some people are concerned about resale issues when buying a town home. The thing to remember is that a town home and the people interested in buying them do represent a specific niche in the home buying market. However, because of the urban location of many town homes and the other benefits, town homes have become hotly sought after property with tremendous resale value.

If you’re looking to purchase a residence, especially in a more urban area, but you want some of the finer points of home living instead of living in an apartment of condo building, a town home is a great option. With sizable town homes, from basic to luxurious, you and your family can enjoy the best parts of suburban life, even in the heart of Charlotte.